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An Identification Guide for Southern Africa

Author: Dr. Martin R. Filmer

A fresh layout, full-color photographs throughout – many of them new – and diagrams of diagnostic features make this a quick and easy guide for use in the field. The spiders are grouped into web-living, ground-living and plant-living species to aid identification. Each family is described in terms of the spiders’ lifestyle, habitat, size, behavior and venom potential, and the best collecting methods are given in each case. For those species whose venom is potentially harmful to man, the effects and recommended treatment of bites are discussed. This handy format book will appeal to anybody wishing to gain insight into the daily lives of spiders. It is packed with full-color photos and diagnostic diagrams.

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Specific Details

Softcover: 128 pages
Title: Filmers Spiders
Author: Dr. Martin R. Filmer
Publisher: Random House Stuik
Date: 2010
Language: English

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