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Author: Dr. Robert W. Shumaker

Few animals interest us as much as the great apes, and among these primates orangutans have a special appeal. The orangutan ("man of the forest" in the Malay language) is highly intelligent (for an animal), creating and using tools in the wild, solving problems and puzzles in captivity.

A natural history of orangutans by one of the world's foremost researchers on the species, this book provides an introduction that is at once engagingly accessible and in-depth. Here readers will encounter orangutans, the only great apes in Asia, in their ever-shrinking habitat, the rain forests of Sumatra, Indonesia, and Borneo.

This book delves into their history, their habits, their endangered status, and what studies--many conducted by the author himself--have told us about how orangutans learn, think, and feel.

50 color photos

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Specific Details

Softcover: 72 pages
Title: Orangutans
Author: Dr. Robert W. Shumaker
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Date: 2007
ISBN: 0760329990
Language: English

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