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Author: Adam Ward

What's the difference between a sea lion and a seal? Are buffalo and bison the same thing? How long do bears hibernate? Are porcupines dangerous? Spanning the diverse realm of mammals, this informative volume includes sections on carnivores, sea mammals, primates, large herbivores, small mammals, and marsupials and monotremes. Find out how large carnivores such as lions and cheetahs, as well as smaller animals such as weasels and otters hunt for food. Investigate the famous humpback whale song, and get a definitive answer on how to tell an African elephant from its Indian cousin. Meet the strange and wonderful platypus, and our close cousins the gorillas. A brief introduction answers the general question of what makes a mammal, and a glossary ensures that everything is understood.

Ages 9-12

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 256 pages
Title: Pocket Factfile Mammals
Author: Adam Ward
Publisher: Sterling
Date: 2003
ISBN: 1402702930
Language: English

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